The Lewis University student chapter of the Electrochemical Society (ECS) has been awarded the Chapter of Excellence Award for the second consecutive year! 

ECS Award.jpg

The Lewis University student chapter of Electrochemical Society (ECS) promotes STEM awareness at Lewis University, local schools, and community centers. The chapter has traveled/hosted demo shows and has participated in numerous community outreach events. 

ECS Lewis Chapter Collage[5].png

These demos and activities have allowed students and members of the community with all backgrounds and levels of interest to actively participate and learn about concepts such as polymerization, metal complexation, and surfactant interactions. These events truly stimulate an interest in science among the students and parents due to their applications in everyday life. In addition to the local demonstrations, ECS encourages the advancements of science through competitions which consider real-world problems. The chapter hosted its first water filtration competition called “Shipwrecked” which allowed students from community high schools to remediate synthetic wastewater. Students had the ability to improve skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and team building. Other events include “Pedal for Preemies” on Pi day and a STEM Haunted House, in which the proceeds went to Loyola NICU and canned goods were sent to hurricane disaster victims, respectively. Furthermore, our members have the opportunity to present their work at numerous conferences, such as the Lewis University Celebration of Scholarship Symposium, Electrochemical Society Conference, American Chemical Society Regional Conference, and the Associated Colleges of Chicago Area (ACCA) Symposium.